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26 days ago

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Update package for v3.112.01 and later versions | 适用于 v3.112.01 及以后版本 的更新包

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Change log | 更新日志:

- NEW UI Design for [Video Encoder] settings.
- NEW Feature: ProRes video decoding & encoding. (Location: Video settings tab, Video Encoder)
- NEW Feature: [Sequential decoding] for Real-ESRGAN, reduce CPU usage during image decoding and increase performance.
- Performance optimization for [Anime-HQ-W4xEX] Real-ESRGAN model.
- Better multi-threaded performance when upscaling images using Real-ESRGAN.
- [Encoding Quality] and [Hardware-accelerated encoding] are now merged with the new [Video Encoder] settings.
- Fix bug: Some PCs will stuck at image decoding for a long time when using RealESRGAN to upscale static images.

- [视频编码器]设置的全新 UI 设计。
- 新功能: ProRes 视频解码和编码。(位置: 视频设置 选项卡, 视频编码器)
- 新特性: Real-ESRGAN 支持[顺序解码], 减少图片解码的CPU占用并提高性能.
- [Anime-HQ-W4xEX] Real-ESRGAN 模型性能优化.
- 使用 Real-ESRGAN 进行图片放大时, 多线程性能得到改善。
- [编码质量]和[硬件加速 视频编码]现已合并到新的[视频编码器]设置UI中。
- 修复问题: 一些电脑在使用RealESRGAN放大静态图片时可能长时间卡在解码.
- [ProRes Workflow] is now merged with the new [Video Encoder] settings UI.

- [ProRes 工作流] 现已合并到新的[视频编码器]设置 UI 中。

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