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因本软件属于独立开发的项目, 没有给某些杀毒软件交过保护费, 所以会被某些杀毒软件误报病毒.

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Update Package | 增量更新包:

Update package for v3.111.01 and later versions | 适用于 v3.111.01 及以后版本 的更新包

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Change log | 更新日志:

- NEW [Anime-HQ-W4xEX] Real-ESRGAN model for High Quality Anime upscaling, which retains detail better and can generate cleaner image compare to previous models.
- NEW Feature: [Video Color Management], software now can automatically adjust color-related parameters to achieve better color accuracy, or you can adjust these parameters by yourself. (Location: Video settings tab)
- Updated [Auto optimize engine settings] to boost the performance of Real-ESRGAN, up to 48% faster than the previous version.
- Better RIFE Auto model selection, now you can tell Waifu2x to use v4.14 model instead of v4.13-lite when automatically selecting model.
- Some UI improvements.

- 新增 [Anime-HQ-W4xEX] Real-ESRGAN 模型, 高质量2D动漫放大模型, 与以前的模型相比, 可以更好地保留细节, 并可以生成更干净的图像.
- 新特性: [视频色彩管理], 软件现在可以自动调节色彩相关的参数以改进色彩准确度, 或者您可以自行调整这些参数.(位置: 视频设置)
- 更新了[自动优化引擎设置]以提升Real-ESRGAN的性能,比之前的版本相比, 速度提升最高可达48%.
- 更好的 RIFE 自动模型选择,现在您可以告诉 Waifu2x 在自动选择模型时使用 v4.14 模型而不是 v4.13-lite.
- 一些UI改进.

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