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因本软件属于独立开发的项目, 没有给某些杀毒软件交过保护费, 所以会被某些杀毒软件误报病毒.

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Update Package | 增量更新包:

Update package for v3.110.01 and later versions | 适用于 v3.110.01 及以后版本 的更新包

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Change log | 更新日志:

- NEW [RIFE-v4.14] model for Higher quality video frame interpolation, which could generate more stable results compare to previous models.
- NEW [RIFE-v4.13-lite] model for Fast and High quality frame interpolation, which is 30% faster than 4.14 model but could achieve similar quality.
- NEW [Auto-Select] feature, automatically select rife model based on your PCs hardware and resolution of the video. (Enabled by default)
- Built-in [User guide] to help new users quickly get started with the software. (Location: Home tab, big question mark icon in the lower right corner)
- [Universal-Fast-W2xEX] RealESRGAN Model is now up to 30% faster by updating [Auto optimize engine settings].
- Update [Settings presets] to utilize the new [Universal-Fast-W2xEX] RealESRGAN Model.
- Fix some UI issues.
- Fix bug: Pausing while processing frame folders may cause the software to crash.

- 新增 [RIFE-v4.14], 高质量补帧模型, 与之前的模型相比, 可以生成更稳定画面.
- 新增 [RIFE-v4.13-lite], 快速且高质量的补帧模型, 与v4.14相比快30%, 并且画面稳定性接近v4.14.
- 新增 [自动选择] 功能, 根据您的电脑硬件和源视频分辨率自动选择合适的RIFE补帧模型. (默认启用)
- 内置 [使用教程] 来帮助新用户快速上手本软件. (位置: 主页, 右下角的问号图标按钮)
- [Universal-Fast-W2xEX] RealESRGAN 模型现在速度加快了至高30%, 通过更新[自动引擎设定优化]算法.
- 更新[快捷预设]以利用最近更新的[Universal-Fast-W2xEX]模型.
- 修复一些UI问题.
- 修复问题: 处理帧文件夹期间暂停可能导致软件崩溃.

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