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➡This is a BETA version, click here to get Stable version | 此为测试版, 点此获取稳定版

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Update Package | 增量更新包:

Update package for v3.107.01 and later versions | 适用于 v3.107.01 及以后版本 的更新包

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Change log | 更新日志:

- NEW Feature: [Import frames folder], browse and add folders of Frames Images for frame interpolation.

- Significantly improved UI performance, now the Files list UI can handle large amount of files much better than before.
- NEW Feature: [Reduce Video FPS], reduce frame rate of the Video before frame interpolation and upscaling. (Additional settings tab, Tools section)
- NEW Feature: [Copy Skipped files], when enabled, also Copy Skipped files to the output folder. (Home tab, output folder section)
- NEW Feature: Now you can adjust how many threads [Convert format ONLY (Static Images)] will use by adjusting: [Engine settings, Number of threads (Super-resolution), Image].
- Fix several bugs related to [Convert format ONLY (Static Images)].

- 新功能: [导入帧图片文件夹], 浏览并导入包含视频帧图片的文件夹, 并对其补帧.

- 大幅改进UI性能, 即使在导入大量文件后文件列表UI依旧可以保持流畅, 减少处理文件期间UI的CPU占用.
- 新功能: [削减视频帧率], 先削减视频的帧率到指定的百分比或帧率, 然后再进行补帧或放大.
- 新功能: [复制被跳过的文件], 启用后, 被跳过的文件也将被复制到输出文件夹.
- 新功能: 现在你可以通过调整引擎设置中的图片线程数量, 来调整 [仅转换格式(静态图片)] 将使用的线程数量.
- 修复多个与[仅转换格式(静态图片)]相关的问题.

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