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➡This is a BETA version, click here to get Stable version | 此为测试版, 点此获取稳定版

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Update Package | 增量更新包:

Update package for v3.106.01 and later versions | 适用于 v3.106.01 及以后版本 的更新包

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Change log | 更新日志:

- NEW Feature: More [Save as] formats for animated webp: apng, mp4 and webm.
- Improve image quality of APNG and WebP upscaling.
- Improve UI, and fix incorrect description.
- Complete translation.
- Fix bug: Broken output when using some engines to upscale WebP and APNG.

- NEW Feature: [Sync video aspect ratio], Synchronize sample aspect ratio with display aspect ratio.
- Fix bug: When running on PCs with new(high-end) CPUs, occasionally waifu2x will stuck during frame interpolation.
- Fix bug: When frame interpolation and RTX Super-res both enabled, Video sampling might stop working.

- 新特性: 支持另存动态webp到更多格式: apng, mp4 和 webm.
- 改进放大APNG和WebP的画质.
- 改进UI, 修复错误描述.
- 补全翻译.
- 修复问题: 部分引擎放大webp和apng时可能输出错位的图像.

- 新特性: [同步视频横纵比], 将视频的样本横纵比与显示横纵比同步.
- 修复问题: 在拥有新款(或高端)CPU的电脑上运行时, waifu2x可能偶尔在补帧期间卡住.
- 修复问题: 同时启用补帧和RTX Super-res时, 视频取样可能无法正常工作.

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