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3 years ago

Change log:

  • The maximum number of threads will no longer be limited by the number of CPU logical cores.
  • Speed up the assembly of GIF.
  • Kill the sub process that is stuck in the background after stopping processing the file.
  • Fix bug: Gif scale ratio is wrong when using Anime4k.
  • Fix bug: Modifying the duration of the video clip after pausing and then continuing processing will cause the video sequence to be disordered.
  • Fix bug: Hotkey for Remove from list is still enabled when processing files.
  • Fix bug: [Time remaining] and [ETA] are still bing calculated even though they are not being displayed.
  • Recent changes:
  • Significantly improve the efficiency, speed and stability of ALL engines when processing Video and GIF.
  • The OLD version of waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan engine will no longer support the use of multiple graphics cards to process GIF and video.
  • Update ImageMagick,FFmpeg&FFprobe.

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  • 最大线程数量将不再受到CPU逻辑核心数量的限制.
  • 加快组装GIF的速度.
  • 停止处理文件后,杀死滞留在后台的子进程。
  • 修复bug: 当使用Anime4k时,GIF放大倍率错误.
  • 修复bug: 即便在处理文件时,从列表中移除文件的热键依旧可用.
  • 修复bug: 即使[剩余时间]和[预计完成时间]没有被显示,但是仍旧被计算.
  • 修复bug: 暂停后修改视频片段时长然后继续处理会造成视频顺序错乱.
  • 近期更新:
  • 重写大量代码,大幅提升所有引擎在处理视频和GIF时的效率,速度和稳定性.
  • 旧版本的waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan引擎不再支持使用多显卡处理视频和GIF.
  • 更新ImageMagick,FFmpeg&FFprobe.


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