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3 years ago

Change log:

  • 🚀Significantly improve the efficiency, speed and stability of ALL engines when processing Video and GIF.
  • The OLD version of waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan engine will no longer support the use of multiple graphics cards to process GIF and video.
  • Fix bug: When custom resolution and video settings are enabled and the video stream bit rate is left 0, the video stream bit rate cannot be calculated normally.
  • Fix bug: Scale ratio might be incorrect when using srmd-ncnn-vulkan.
  • Fix bug: Unable to assemble gif because ImageMagick is not compatible with new AMD GPU driver.
  • Update ImageMagick,FFmpeg&FFprobe.

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  • 🚀重写大量代码,大幅提升所有引擎在处理视频和GIF时的效率,速度和稳定性.
  • 旧版本的waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan引擎不再支持使用多显卡处理视频和GIF.
  • 修复bug: 某些情况下无法正确计算视频的比特率.
  • 修复bug: 使用srmd-ncnn-vulkan时放大倍率可能不准确.
  • 修复bug: 因ImageMagick与新版AMD显卡驱动不兼容而无法组装GIF.
  • 更新ImageMagick,FFmpeg&FFprobe.


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