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3 years ago

Change log:

  • 🌟New feature: Intelligently detect whether the Alpha channel is lost, and automatically reprocess the picture.
  • 🌟New feature: [Always pre-process images with Alpha Channel].
  • Update ImageMagick.
  • Improve stability and performance.
  • ✅Fix bug: NCNN-Vulkan engines cannot keep the alpha channel of some special png pics.
  • ✅Fix typo.

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  • 🌟新特性: 智能检测透明通道是否丢失, 并重新处理文件.
  • 🌟新特性: [总是预处理带有Alpha通道的图片].
  • 更新 ImageMagick.
  • 改进性能与稳定性.
  • ✅修复bug: NCNN-Vulkan 系列引擎无法保留某些特殊png图片的透明通道.
  • ✅修正错字.


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