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3 years ago

Change log :

  • New feature: Add ACNet algorithm support for Anime4K engine, ACNet can achieve high-speed processing while improving image quality.(You need to manually enable ACNet in the Anime4k engine settings)
  • Update ImageMagick, waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan, SRMD-ncnn-Vulkan, realsr-ncnn-vulkan, Anime4K.
  • Optimize performance and improve stability.
  • Fixed multiple bugs.
  • And many other improvements.

You can download installation (or portable) package from the Assets.



  • 新特性:为Anime4K引擎加入ACNet算法支持, ACNet可以在改善画质的同时实现高速处理.(您需要在Anime4k引擎设置中手动启用ACNet)
  • 更新 ImageMagick,waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan,SRMD-ncnn-Vulkan,realsr-ncnn-vulkan,Anime4K.
  • 优化性能,提高稳定性.
  • 修复多处Bug.
  • 以及其他多项改进.


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