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pre-release3 years ago

⚠ This is a beta version, click here for stable version

⚠ 这是一个测试版本, 点击这里下载稳定版本

My internet connection is unstable right now.😕 So I didn't upload the installation package to Github. You can download them from links🔗 below:

🔗超星网盘链接(直链, 不限速):


MD5: DE3E06BC2B1948D39DE3D39638A25DAF
SHA1: 25DD8C285E97ED80222C8A18D05471FEA070D1B0
CRC32: F1417F6F

MD5: 5513580A030D4BD7F3E5EA869F588AF2
SHA1: 01222B7719BFDFD5D0B10629D25D92E820883EAB
CRC32: B9CD9008

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