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⚠ This is a beta version, click here for stable version

⚠ 这是一个测试版本, 点击这里下载稳定版本

Change log:

  • New feature: waifu2x-caffe engine supports quick switching of image styles.
  • Optimize the process of processing pictures with Alpha channel.
  • Change default settings.
  • Add some tips.
  • Modify some text.
  • Fix bugs.


  • 新特性:waifu2x-caffe引擎支持快速切换图像样式.
  • 优化处理带有Alpha通道的图片的流程.
  • 更改默认设置.
  • 添加一些提示.
  • 修改一些文本.
  • 修复bug.


MD5: 6AAB43E502FD45DC770A4C7417802133
SHA1: B629CB3EF01A1DB36FF0E82B3BC1BC881A52401F
CRC32: 1FC11FE6

MD5: 16AF18E9C7CFB4D90E926C5433F6564A
SHA1: 3B9EFE91F49FB9B5392471622ADCFE1460CA4ECB
CRC32: 78903623

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