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Change log :

  • New feature: Anime4K engine supports processing Image and GIF.
  • New feature: Automatically adjust engine settings based on compatibility test results.
  • After the compatibility test, a pop up will shows up according to the test results.
  • Update Anime4K (v1.8.1).
  • Update ImageMagick (7.0.10-12-Q16-x64).
  • Change default settings.
  • Add some tips.
  • Check whether the software has write permission in the directory where the file is located before processing the file.
  • Improved permission detection when the software starts.
  • Fix bug: In special cases, the video may be stuck in the step of obtaining the duration.
  • Fix bug: Can't detect whether the software has write permission for output path normally.
  • Fix bug: when using Anime4k engine to process video, the custom resolution setting is invalid.



  • 新特性:Anime4K引擎支持处理图片和GIF.
  • 新特性:根据兼容性测试结果自动调整引擎设置.
  • 兼容性测试结束后,根据测试结果给予用户提示.
  • 更新Anime4K(v1.8.1).
  • 更新ImageMagick(7.0.10-12-Q16-x64).
  • 更改默认设置.
  • 添加一些提示.
  • 处理文件前检测是否拥有文件所在目录的写权限.
  • 改进软件启动时的权限检测.
  • 修复bug:特殊情况下,处理视频时可能会卡在获取时长那一步.
  • 修复bug:无法正常检测是否拥有输出路径的写权限.
  • 修复bug:当使用Anime4k引擎处理视频时,自定义分辨率设定无效.

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Waifu2x-Extension-GUI-v2.11.3-Setup.exe (完整安装包)

MD5: E11EC1E04CEE5D4B5C4081567B4EDF89
SHA1: C047D66F3AC6A2A1EB5CC208DC1B831FF95AC922
CRC32: 4BAE3D40
Waifu2x-Extension-GUI-v2.11.3-Portable.7z (绿色版)

MD5: 67126173CA5B49C8FFBC4374C5200ED8
SHA1: 3518975C647F9E367E3F5F0DCD23C7777D33C66F
CRC32: EE72102A



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