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v1.45 🐱‍💻


Change log :

  • New feature: You can choose whether to show a pop up when exit. (Optional, additional settings, enabled by default)
  • New feature: Automatically enable(or disable) [Auto Detect Alpha Channel] based on the results of the compatibility test.
  • New feature: Keep video cache. (Optional, additional settings, enabled by default)
  • New feature: When the user stops the task or an error occurs, the video's cache will not be automatically deleted, and it can also be read by the software to continue the previous progress.
  • Improve the stability of multi-threaded scheduling.
  • Fix bug: In some cases, the file cannot be renamed properly then the video cannot be assembled normally.
  • Fix bug: The files in the list could not be processed normally due to the thread scheduling error.

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Known issues



  • 新特性:可选择是否在退出时弹窗.(可选,附加设置,默认启用)
  • 新特性:根据兼容性测试结果自动判断是否启用[自动检测Alpha通道].
  • 新特性:保存视频缓存.(可选,附加设置,默认启用)
  • 新特性:在用户停止任务或者发生错误时,视频的缓存不会被自动删除,并且还可以被软件读取以继续之前的进度.
  • 提高多线程调度的稳定性.
  • 修复bug:某些情况下无法正常重命名文件导致无法正常组装视频.
  • 修复bug:因线程调度错误而导致无法正常处理列表内的文件.

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  • 💾Waifu2x-Extension-GUI-v1.45-Setup.exe (完整安装包)
    MD5: 78F24C74F653A2992ACB8E905BC45787
    SHA1: 9B302725757466AE64FD81E2A4095D0126B11980
    CRC32: C332D23D

  • 💾Waifu2x-Extension-GUI-v1.45-Portable.7z (绿色版)
    MD5: 6262DBA3CDD7E6795FAF96B3D7D7C4E9
    SHA1: A22BBAD38D88065DCB2743B27B8BDF16353CE45B
    CRC32: 9A74264D


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