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4 years ago

v0.35-beta 🐱‍💻


Change log:

  • New feature: Custom global font size (additional settings)
  • New feature: Browse and add files
  • Performance optimization
  • Improve stability
  • Review code and add code comments
  • Interface layout adjustment
  • Multiple minor improvements
  • Fix bug: Cannot be compatible with custom scaling of Windows system
  • Fix bug: In some special cases, it can't judge whether the file is added repeatedly
  • Fix bug: Can't save noise reduction level setting




  • 新特性:自定义全局字体大小(附加设置)
  • 新特性:浏览与添加文件
  • 性能优化
  • 提高稳定性
  • 审查代码,增加代码注释
  • 界面布局调整
  • 多处微小改进
  • 修复bug:不能兼容Windows系统的自定义缩放
  • 修复bug:某些特殊情况下无法正常识别文件是否被重复添加的问题
  • 修复bug:无法保存降噪等级设置

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  • 💾Waifu2x-Extension-GUI-v0.35-beta-Setup.exe
    MD5: 1EFE4CB944D46F3EDF89D00BEB5CC145
    SHA1: F661BA7A53B2823F3FD11E9BB31FE6202E504C34
    CRC32: AA689DF5

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