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4 years ago

v0.31-beta 🐱‍💻


Change log:

  • New feature: show progress while loading file list
  • New feature: Customizable aspect ratio strategy of "Custom Resolution" (in [Additional Settings])
  • New feature: popup prompt after manually saving settings
  • New feature: "Settings" can always be hidden (optional, disabled by default, in [Additional Settings])
  • New feature: Show total number of GIF and video threads
  • Fine-tune interface layout
  • Fix bug: When processing gif, the file processing status cannot be changed normally after stopping the process


Sorry, I forgot to update source code before publish this release, now you can clone or download them from project's homepage.



  • 新特性:加载文件列表时显示进度
  • 新特性:可自定义"自定义分辨率"的纵横比策略(在[附加设置]内)
  • 新特性:手动保存设置后弹窗提示
  • 新特性:可以一直隐藏"设置"(可选,默认禁用,在[附加设置]内)
  • 新特性:显示GIF和视频线程数量之总数
  • 界面布局微调
  • 修复bug:当正在处理gif时,停止处理进程后无法正常改变文件处理状态


🔗百度网盘(中国大陆): 提取码: excs



抱歉, 我忘记在发布这个发行版之前更新源码了, 你现在可以去主页下载最新版的源码了.

  • 💾Waifu2x-Extension-GUI-v0.31-beta-Setup.exe
    MD5: CA26989F9E6DA82EBC0C12A2C948AA9B
    SHA1: 5AD661769A355C28806B9C03298C4AAB9D207137
    CRC32: DAF4BE3B

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