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4 years ago

v0.281-beta 🐱‍💻


Change log:

  • New feature: [Files List] supports deselect
  • Interface Beautification
  • Adjust interface layout
  • Improve Simplified Chinese support
  • Fix bug: GIF frames could not be arranged properly in some cases
  • Fix bug: In some cases, the thread will be automatically closed in advance and the task cannot be completed
  • Fix bug: In some cases, the program cannot exit completely and will stay in the background to execute an infinite loop
  • Fix bug: When there is no Java runtime environment in the system, calling Anime4k may cause the software to enter an infinite loop




  • 新特性:[文件列表]支持选中后再次点击取消选中
  • 界面美化
  • 调整界面布局
  • 完善简体中文支持
  • 修复bug:某些情况下GIF的帧无法正常排列
  • 修复bug:某些情况下线程会被提前自动关闭导致任务无法完成
  • 修复bug:某些情况下程序无法完全退出会滞留在后台执行无限循环
  • 修复bug:当系统内没有Java运行环境时,调用Anime4k可能会造成软件进入无限循环

提示: 切换语言到简体中文后, 需要手动保存设置, 才能每次启动都是中文语言界面




  • 💾Waifu2x-Extension-GUI-v0.281-beta-FULL-Windows-x64.7z
    MD5: 153F16B036ACBA1F862F640EDEE54036
    SHA1: C1BA216273892F696AADCAACEDF95A6E4E9159A0
    CRC32: 5F98C529

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