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pre-release3 years ago



  • You can access the database connection from $U->db_link
  • Added link in the admin area to the about page
  • Added link to register.php in sitemap
  • Added simple style for printing
  • You can now delete pages in the adminarea
  • New function bool $U->deletePage(string $table, string $name)
    • $table: The table the page is stored ("Blog" or "Sites")
    • $name: The name of the page


  • Removed install files
  • Adjusted the CSS files to the new Code Conventions

Fixed bugs

  • Syntax error in logout.php*
  • Fixed bug in that don't let you see the english translation if no other is available
  • Removed .htaccess in admin/ckeditor because the editor couldn't load anymore
  • Fixed too big logo in admin/pages/about.php
  • Wrong link to login.php in sitemap.php
  • Wrote licence instead of license
  • Wrong translations in blogeditor
  • No fallback on blogsites if no blog article is saved

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