github 1technophile/OpenMQTTGateway v0.9.4
OpenMQTTGateway v0.9.4

v0.9.4 adds the following features/fixes:

Under the hood:

Thanks to the numerous contributors to this version!

Breaking changes:

  • Home assistant discovery of luminance value is now with lx unity instead of lu
  • Protocol name has changed for IR, now the IR_ is removed in the json input or output
  • actuatorONOFF API has been modified, see docs, pin is replaced by GPIO
  • all system attributes published to SYStoMQTT are now lower case, example:
    json {"uptime":260,"version":"version_tag","freemem":50012,"rssi":-30,"SSID":"omgap","ip":"","mac":"24:0A:C4:24:90:98","wifiprt":0,"lowpowermode":0,"interval":55555,"modules":"BTHADiscovery"}
latest releases: v0.9.6, v0.9.6beta, v0.9.5...
12 months ago