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OpenMQTTGateway V0.7

This release add a new gateway (GSM/GPRS) so as to send and receive SMS, the wifi manager portal, a new sensor and some other improvments corrections listed below.

  • A6 A7 gateway (Zgateway2G) thanks to the A6Lib wiki
  • Now you can avoid setting your credentials into the code by using wifi manager portal with ESP8266
  • Add of TSL2561 sensor thanks to the work of @broekema
  • Relay support with actuatorONOFF
  • Unique path is now integrated into all modules from the Gateway_Name and Base_Topic set into user_config.h, as a consequence you should update your controller configuration.
    Example: before OMG published data to home/433toMQTT now it will publish to home/OpenMQTTGateway/433toMQTT
    before OMG receive commands from home/commands/MQTTto433 now it will receive commands from home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTto433
    Per default the Base_Topic is home and the Gateway_Name is OpenMQTTGateway
  • Correct IR schematic
  • Libraries are now included into the repository (lib folder) to avoid people searching for the good revision
  • Simplify user_config.h by removing config_XX.h calls
latest releases: v0.9.6, v0.9.6beta, v0.9.5...
3 years ago