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OpenMQTTGateway v0.4-beta

This release add several gateways and sensors to the mix:

  • RFM69 bidirectional gateway, enable now to talk to moteino and other RFM69 based devices with the RFM69 advantages; long range, acknowledgment, encryption. This gateway is based on the work of @bbx10
  • I2C sensor support thanks to the work of @hannesdi
  • Over The Air update thanks to the work of @PatteWi
  • RF with KAKU protocol supported when sending MQTTtoRF2 thanks to the newremoteswitch library from @fuzzylogic
  • support now new IRRemote_ESP8266 library 2.x.x
  • HM-11 is now supported added to HM-10
  • I divided user_config.h into one config file per gateway/sensor so as to avoid taking all the parameters when using only parts of the gateway

This is a beta version, testers are welcome.

latest releases: v0.9.6, v0.9.6beta, v0.9.5...
pre-release3 years ago