github 0xFireWolf/NightShiftUnlocker 2.0

NightShiftUnlocker 2.0 requires Lilu 1.1.5+

  • Dynamically generate binary patches. (Thanks to vit9696's new APIs)

  • Supports the latest macOS High Sierra.

  • Supports Clover's kext injection.

    Known issue in this version

    Night Shift panel may not show up in the System Preference >> Display on some machines.
    I have already noticed this issue, and I am still working on this.

NightShiftUnlocker 2.0 需要搭配 Lilu 1.1.5 以及以上的版本

  • 动态生成二进制补丁 (感谢 vit9696 开发的新API)

  • 支持最新的 macOS High Sierra

  • 支持 Clover 的驱动注入功能


    在某些机器上,Night Shift 面板可能不会在『系统偏好设置 >> 显示』里面显示。

latest releases: 2.2.1, 2.2, 2.1...
4 years ago