gems xcodeproj 1.8.1

latest releases: 1.23.0, 1.22.0, 1.21.0...
4 years ago
  • None.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix build setting variable substitution for array settings.
    Samuel Giddins

  • Properly loads both project schemes and workspaces schemes on init and
    prevents overriding of incorrect project paths.

  • Serialize BuildableReference attributes in schemes in the same order as Xcode.
    Samuel Giddins

  • Ensure a GroupReference's path includes its parent GroupReference's path.
    Both FileReferences and GroupReferences only prepend the parent path if
    the child has a type of group.
    Kesi Maduka

  • Stop leaking file handles when initializing schemes from files.
    Samuel Giddins

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