gems xcodeproj 1.5.8

latest releases: 1.24.0, 1.23.0, 1.22.0...
6 years ago
  • Update LAST_KNOWN_IOS_SDK to 11.3

  • Create new static library targets without linking against
    system frameworks, for new build system compatibility.
    Samuel Giddins

Bug Fixes
  • Fix add_build_configuration for PBXAggregateTarget
    Dimitris Koutsogiorgas

  • Fixed undefined method isa for nil:NilClass when deleting a Xcodeproj target.

  • Fix parsing of build settings when a key and value are not
    seprated from the = by whitespace
    Daniel Petri

  • Serialize arrays in Xcode projects based upon the project's object version.
    Samuel Giddins

  • Warn when encountering unknown attributes instead of bailing out.

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