gems xcodeproj 0.20.1

latest releases: 1.23.0, 1.22.0, 1.21.0...
8 years ago
Minor Enhancements
  • Project Make #== a fast shallow comparison method, which operates only on
    its root object UUID and its path on disk. For full data comparisons, use the
    #eql? method instead.
    Eloy Durán
  • NativeTarget Make adding a target dependency O(1) constant speed.
    Eloy Durán
  • Object Cache an object's plist name, which is used very often during project
    Eloy Durán
Bug Fixes
  • CoreFoundation Hopefully fix a Ruby constant lookup issue. We have been
    unable to reproduce this, but since more than one person has reported it,
    we're including this fix in the hope it fixes this esoteric issue.
    Eloy Durán

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