gems xcodeproj 0.19.0

latest releases: 1.23.0, 1.22.0, 1.21.0...
9 years ago
  • PlistHelper: Now the plutil tool is used to save the files if available
    to produce output consistent with Xcode.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • Project: Added support for adding file references to sub-projects.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • Config: The config class now properly handles quotes in OTHER_LDFLAGS.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • PBXGroup: Now file references to Xcode projects are properly handled and
    setup. Also the ObjectDictionary class has been improved and now can be
    used to edit the attributes using it.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • Constants: Support XCTest as product type and don't fail for
    PBXNativeTarget#symbol_type on unknown product types.
    Marius Rackwitz
  • Workspace: Now a template is used to produce the same formatting of Xcode.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • Project: Improved validation of object attributes.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • Project: Completed support for dictionaries.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • Project: Added possibility to disable xcproj via an environment variable.
    Fabio Pelosin
Bug Fixes
  • Project: Fixed reference counting issue when deleting sub-projects.

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