gems xcodeproj 0.14.0

latest releases: 1.23.0, 1.22.0, 1.21.0...
9 years ago
Bug Fixes
  • [Scheme] Generate correct ReferencedContainer attribute when the Xcode project
    has a non-empty projectDirPath.
    Per Eckerdal
  • [Gem] Provide prebuilt binary versions of the C extension for the stock Ruby
    versions on both OS X 10.8 (MRI 1.8.7) and 10.9 (MRI 2.0.0). Due to the ABI
    of MRI’s C ext API not always being consistent, these will not install on
    Ruby versions you have installed yourself. To override the default behaviour
    you can use the XCODEPROJ_BUILD environment variable. Set it to 1 to
    always build the C extension or to 0 to never build the C extension.
    Eloy Durán
  • [Scheme] Add support for aggregate targets to #add_build_target.
    Per Eckerdal
  • [PBXNativeTarget] Add support for subproject targets in #add_dependency.
    Per Eckerdal
  • [Project] Add #reference_for_path for retrieving a file reference for a
    given absolute path.
    Per Eckerdal

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