gems xcodeproj 0.12.0

latest releases: 1.23.0, 1.22.0, 1.21.0...
9 years ago
  • [PBXGroup] #new_static_library has been replaced by the more versatile
    Fabio Pelosin
  • [XCScheme] Overhauled interface to support multiple targets.
    Jason Prado
  • [PBXGroup] renamed #recursively_sort_by_type to
    Fabio Pelosin
  • [PBXNativeTarget] #add_system_framework now adds the system frameworks
    relative to the developer directory. Xcode behaviour is following: if the
    target has the same SDK of the project it adds the reference relative to the
    SDK root otherwise the reference is added relative to the Developer
    directory. This can create confusion or duplication of the references of
    frameworks linked by iOS and OS X targets. For this reason the new Xcodeproj
    behaviour is to add the frameworks in a subgroup according to the platform.
    The method will also honor the SDK version of the target if available
    (otherwise the last known version is used).
    Fabio Pelosin
  • [Project] The project can now recreate it schemes from scratch and optionally
    hide them.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • Added support for booleans in the C extension which handles Property list
    Fabio Pelosin
  • Improvements to the generation of new targets.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • [Project] Added possibility to specify the position of groups while sorting.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • [PBXGroup] Now defaults to sorting by name.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • [XCScheme] The string representation of schemes now closely matches Xcode
    Fabio Pelosin
  • [PBXGroup, PBXFileReference] Added #parents.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • [PBXGroup] Added #recursive_children_groups.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • [AbstractTarget] Add #sdk_version.
    Fabio Pelosin
  • Added default build settings to new projects according to Xcode defaults.
    Fabio Pelosin

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