gems xcodeproj 0.11.0

latest releases: 1.23.0, 1.22.0, 1.21.0...
10 years ago
  • Added support for Xcode 5.
  • The ARCHS option is not set anymore and will use Xcode’s defaults. This
    fixes the build and archive issue with the new arm64 architecture.
  • The default of the ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH setting has changed to YES
    in the Debug configuration. This means that if this is a static library,
    the application that links the library in will have to make the same
    adjustment, or the build will fail.
  • [Project] #add_system_framework has been removed in favor of
  • [Command] Added new subcommand sort, to sort projects from the command
    line. This command is useful for sorting projects as well to easy comparison
    of existing projects.
  • [Project::Object] Added #sort.
  • [Project] Added #sort, #add_system_library.
  • [Project::ObjectList] Added #move and #move_from.
  • [PBXNativeTarget] Improve #add_dependency to avoid duplicates.
  • [PBXNativeTarget] Added #add_system_framework, #add_system_frameworks,
    #add_system_library, #add_system_libraries.
  • [PBXFileReference, PBXGroup] Added set_source_tree and #set_path.
  • [PBXGroup] Added find_file_by_path.
  • [AbstractBuildPhase] Added #file_display_names, #build_file, and #include.
Bug Fixes
  • [Command] Fixed opening existing projects.
  • [GroupableHelper] Improved handling of ambiguous parents.
  • Decode XML entities in project paths when reading workspace files. This
    prevents double-encoding the entities (for example, ') when writing
    the file.
  • Fix C-ext memory leak by closing and releasing the CFWriteStream used to write
    projects when done.

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