gems rubocop 0.90.0
RuboCop 0.90

New features

Bug fixes

  • #8508: Fix a false positive for Style/CaseLikeIf when conditional contains comparison with a class. Mark Style/CaseLikeIf as not safe. (@fatkodima)
  • #8618: Fix an infinite loop error for Layout/EmptyLineBetweenDefs. (@fatkodima)
  • #8534: Fix Lint/BinaryOperatorWithIdenticalOperands for binary operators used as unary operators. (@marcandre)
  • #8537: Allow a trailing comment as a description comment for Bundler/GemComment. (@pocke)
  • #8507: Fix Style/RescueModifier to handle parentheses around rescue modifiers. (@dsavochkin)
  • #8527: Prevent an incorrect auto-correction for Style/CaseEquality cop when comparing with === against a regular expression receiver. (@koic)
  • #8524: Fix Layout/EmptyLinesAroundClassBody and Layout/EmptyLinesAroundModuleBody to correctly handle an access modifier as a first child. (@dsavochkin)
  • #8518: Fix Lint/ConstantResolution cop reporting offense for module and class definitions. (@tejasbubane)
  • #8158: Fix Style/MultilineWhenThen cop to correctly handle cases with multiline body. (@dsavochkin)
  • #7705: Fix Style/OneLineConditional cop to handle if/then/elsif/then/else/end cases. Add AlwaysCorrectToMultiline config option to this cop to always convert offenses to the multi-line form (false by default). (@Lykos, @dsavochkin)
  • #8590: Fix an error when auto-correcting encoding mismatch file. (@koic)
  • #8321: Enable auto-correction for Layout/{Def}EndAlignment, Lint/EmptyEnsure, Style/ClassAndModuleChildren. (@marcandre)
  • #8583: Fix Style/RedundantRegexpEscape false positive for line continuations. (@owst)
  • #8593: Fix Style/RedundantRegexpCharacterClass false positive for interpolated multi-line expressions. (@owst)
  • #8624: Fix an error with the Style/CaseLikeIf cop where it does not properly handle overridden equality methods with no arguments. (@Skipants)


  • #8413: Pending cops warning now contains snippet that can be directly copied into .rubocop.yml as well as a notice about NewCops: enable config option. (@colszowka)
  • #8362: Add numbers of correctable offenses to summary. (@nguyenquangminh0711)
  • #8513: Clarify the ruby warning mentioned in the Lint/ShadowingOuterLocalVariable documentation. (@chocolateboy)
  • #8517: Make Style/HashTransformKeys and Style/HashTransformValues aware of to_h with block. (@eugeneius)
  • #8529: Mark Lint/FrozenStringLiteralComment as Safe, but with unsafe auto-correction. (@marcandre)
  • #8602: Fix usage of to_enum(:scan, regexp) to work on TruffleRuby. (@jaimerave)
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