gems rubocop 0.89.1
RuboCop 0.89.1

Bug fixes

  • #8463: Fix false positives for Lint/OutOfRangeRegexpRef when a regexp is defined and matched in separate steps. (@eugeneius)
  • #8464: Handle regexps matched with when, grep, gsub, gsub!, sub, sub!, [], slice, slice!, scan, index, rindex, partition, rpartition, start_with?, and end_with? in Lint/OutOfRangeRegexpRef. (@eugeneius)
  • #8466: Fix a false positive for Lint/UriRegexp when using regexp method without receiver. (@koic)
  • #8478: Relax Lint/BinaryOperatorWithIdenticalOperands for mathematical operations. (@marcandre)
  • #8480: Tweak callback list of Lint/MissingSuper. (@marcandre)
  • #8481: Fix autocorrect for elements with newlines in Style/SymbolArray and Style/WordArray. (@biinari)
  • #8475: Fix a false positive for Style/HashAsLastArrayItem when there are duplicate hashes in the array. (@wcmonty)
  • #8497: Fix Style/IfUnlessModifier to add parentheses when converting if-end condition inside a parenthesized method argument list. (@dsavochkin)


  • #8487: Detect < and > as comparison operators in Style/ConditionalAssignment cop. (@biinari)
latest releases: 0.91.0, 0.90.0
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