gems mysql2 0.2.7

latest releases: 0.5.6, 0.5.5, 0.5.4...
12 years ago
  • various fixes for em_mysql2 and fiber usage
  • use our own Mysql2IndexDefinition class for better compatibility across ActiveRecord versions
  • ensure the query is a string earlier in the Mysql2::Client#query codepath for 1.9
  • only set binary ruby encoding on fields that have a binary flag and encoding set
  • a few various optimizations
  • add support for :read_timeout to be set on a connection
  • Fix to install with MariDB on Windows
  • add fibered em connection without activerecord
  • fix some 1.9.3 compilation warnings
  • add LD_RUN_PATH when using hard coded mysql paths - this should help users with MySQL installed in non-standard locations
  • for windows support, duplicate the socket from libmysql and create a temporary CRT fd
  • fix for handling years before 1970 on Windows
  • fixes to the Fiber adapter
  • set wait_timeout maximum on Windows to 2147483
  • update supported range for Time objects
  • upon being required, make sure the libmysql we're using is the one we were built against
  • add Mysql2::Client#thread_id
  • add Mysql2::Client#ping
  • switch connection check in AR adapter to use Mysql2::Client#ping for efficiency
  • prefer linking against thread-safe version of libmysqlclient
  • define RSTRING_NOT_MODIFIED for an awesome rbx speed boost
  • expose Mysql2::Client#encoding in 1.9, make sure we set the error message and sqlstate encodings accordingly
  • do not segfault when raising for invalid charset (found in 1.9.3dev)

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