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  • Tested versions of Ruby for 8.13.0: Ruby (MRI) 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3. JRuby 9.3 and JRuby 9.4.

Experimental ES|QL Helper

This version provides a new experimental Helper for the ES|QL query API. The helper returns an array of hashes with the columns as keys and the respective values instead of the default JSON value. Additionally, you can iterate through the response values and transform the data in by passing in a Hash of column => Proc values. You could use this for example to convert a @timestamp column value into a DateTime object. Please check out the documentation and open an issue if you encounter any problems or have any feedback.


API Changes:

  • async_search.status - adds Time :keep_alive parameter: Specify the time interval in which the results (partial or final) for this search will be available.
  • bulk - adds boolean :require_data_stream parameter: When true, requires the destination to be a data stream (existing or to-be-created). Default is false.
  • connector.list - Adds the following parameters:
    • :index_name (List): A comma-separated list of connector index names to fetch connector documents for.
    • :connector_name (List): A comma-separated list of connector names to fetch connector documents for.
    • :service_type (List): A comma-separated list of connector service types to fetch connector documents for.
    • :query (String): A search string for querying connectors, filtering results by matching against connector names, descriptions, and index names.
  • esql.query - adds boolean :drop_null_columns parameter: Should entirely null columns be removed from the results? Their name and type will be returning in a new all_columns section.
  • field_caps - Adds :include_empty_fields boolean parameter: Include empty fields in result.
  • index - adds boolean :require_data_stream parameter: When true, requires the destination to be a data stream (existing or to-be-created). Default is false.
  • indices.rollover - adds boolean :lazy parameter: If set to true, the rollover action will only mark a data stream to signal that it needs to be rolled over at the next write. Only allowed on data streams.
  • connector_sync_job.list - adds List :job_type parameter: A comma-separated list of job types.
  • inference.delete_model, inference.get_model, inference.inference, inference.put_model: renames :model_id parameter to :inference_id.
  • termvector will show a warning since it's been deprecated. Please use the plural version, termvectors.

New APIs:

  • indices.resolve_cluster - Resolves the specified index expressions to return information about each cluster, including the local cluster, if included.
  • profiling.flamegraph - Extracts a UI-optimized structure to render flamegraphs from Universal Profiling.
  • profiling.stacktraces - Extracts raw stacktrace information from Universal Profiling.
  • security.query_user - Retrieves information for Users using a subset of query DSL
  • text_structure.test_grok_pattern - Tests a Grok pattern on some text.

APIs Migrated from experimental to stable:

  • synonyms.delete_synonym
  • synonyms.delete_synonym_rule
  • synonyms.get_synonym
  • synonyms.get_synonym_rule
  • synonyms.get_synonyms_sets
  • synonyms.put_synonym
  • synonyms.put_synonym_rule

New Experimental APIs:

  • connector.update_api_key_id - Updates the API key id and/or API key secret id fields in the connector document.
  • connector.update_index_name - Updates the index name of the connector.
  • connector.update_native - Updates the is_native flag of the connector.
  • connector.update_service_type - Updates the service type of the connector.
  • connector.update_status - Updates the status of the connector.
  • esql.async_query - Executes an ESQL request asynchronously
  • esql.async_query_get - Retrieves the results of a previously submitted async query request given its ID.

New Experimental namespace connector_secret:

  • connector_secret.delete - Deletes a connector secret.
  • connector_secret.get - Retrieves a secret stored by Connectors.
  • - Creates a secret for a Connector.
  • connector_secret.put - Creates or updates a secret for a Connector.


  • Migrated from byebug to debug.
  • Added extra testing for OpenTelemetry.

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