gems actionview 7.0.5

13 days ago

Active Support

  • Fixes TimeWithZone ArgumentError.

    Niklas Häusele

Active Model

  • No changes.

Active Record

  • Type cast #attribute_changed? :from and :to options.

    Andrew Novoselac

  • Fix index_exists? when column is an array.

    Eileen M. Uchitelle

  • Handle Date objects for PostgreSQL timestamptz columns.

    Alex Ghiculescu

  • Fix collation for changing column to non-string.

    Hartley McGuire

  • Map through subtype in PostgreSQL::OID::Array.

    Jonathan Hefner

  • Store correct environment in internal_metadata when run rails db:prepare.


  • Make sure ActiveRecord::Relation#sum works with objects that implement #coerce without deprecation.

    Alex Ghiculescu

  • Fix retrieving foreign keys referencing tables named like keywords in PostgreSQL and MySQL.


  • Support UUIDs in Disable Joins.

    Samuel Cochran

  • Fix Active Record's explain for queries starting with comments.


  • Fix incorrectly preloading through association records when middle association has been loaded.

    Joshua Young

  • Fix where.missing and where.associated for parent/child associations.


  • Fix Enumerable#in_order_of to preserve duplicates.


  • Fix autoincrement on primary key for mysql.

    Eileen M. Uchitelle

  • Restore ability to redefine column in create_table for Rails 5.2 migrations.


  • Fix schema cache dumping of virtual columns.


  • Fix Active Record grouped calculations on joined tables on column present in both tables.


  • Fix mutation detection for serialized attributes backed by binary columns.

    Jean Boussier

  • Fix a bug where using groups and counts with long table names would return incorrect results.

    Shota Toguchi, Yusaku Ono

  • Use connection from #with_raw_connection in #quote_string.

    Prior to this change, virtual datetime columns did not have the same
    default precision as regular datetime columns, resulting in the following
    being erroneously equivalent:

    t.virtual :name, type: datetime,                 as: "expression"
    t.virtual :name, type: datetime, precision: nil, as: "expression"

    This change fixes the default precision lookup, so virtual and regular
    datetime column default precisions match.

    Sam Bostock

  • Fix a case where the query cache can return wrong values. See #46044

    Aaron Patterson

Action View

  • FormBuilder#id finds id set by form_for and form_with.

    Matt Polito

  • Allow all available locales for template lookups.

    Ben Dilley

  • Choices of select can optionally contain html attributes as the last element
    of the child arrays when using grouped/nested collections

    <%= :foo, [["North America", [["United States","US"],["Canada","CA"]], { disabled: "disabled" }]] %>
    # => <select><optgroup label="North America" disabled="disabled"><option value="US">United States</option><option value="CA">Canada</option></optgroup></select>

    Chris Gunther

Action Pack

  • Do not return CSP headers for 304 Not Modified responses.

    Tobias Kraze

  • Fix EtagWithFlash when there is no Flash middleware available.


  • Fix content-type header with send_stream.

    Elliot Crosby-McCullough

  • Address Selenium :capabilities deprecation warning.

    Ron Shinall

  • Fix cookie domain for domain: all on two letter single level TLD.

    John Hawthorn

  • Don't double log the controller, action, or namespaced_controller when using ActiveRecord::QueryLog

    Previously if you set config.active_record.query_log_tags to an array that included
    :controller, :namespaced_controller, or :action, that item would get logged twice.
    This bug has been fixed.

    Alex Ghiculescu

  • Rescue EOFError exception from rack on a multipart request.

    Nikita Vasilevsky

  • Rescue JSON::ParserError in Cookies json deserializer to discards marshal dumps:

    Without this change, if action_dispatch.cookies_serializer is set to :json and
    the app tries to read a :marshal serialized cookie, it would error out which wouldn't
    clear the cookie and force app users to manually clear it in their browser.

    (See #45127 for original bug discussion)

    Nathan Bardoux

Active Job

  • Make delayed job display_name failsafe.


  • Don't double log the job when using ActiveRecord::QueryLog

    Previously if you set config.active_record.query_log_tags to an array that included
    :job, the job name would get logged twice. This bug has been fixed.

    Alex Ghiculescu

Action Mailer

  • No changes.

Action Cable

  • Restore Action Cable Redis pub/sub listener on connection failure.

    Vladimir Dementyev

Active Storage

  • No changes.

Action Mailbox

  • No changes.

Action Text

  • Fix ActionText::Attachable#as_json.

    Alexandre Ruban


  • Add puma app server to Gemfile in order to start test/dummy.


  • Rails console now disables IRB's autocompletion feature in production by default.

    Setting IRB_USE_AUTOCOMPLETE=true can override this default.

    Stan Lo

  • Send 303 See Other status code back for the destroy action on newly generated
    scaffold controllers.

    Tony Drake

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