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2.8.2 Criteria DISTINCT support
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Main feature of this release is DISTINCT statement in Criteria. Plus, small functionalities and bugfixes.

Notable changes


  • Support for DISTINCT modifier in queries. Simple DSL to allow chaining DISTINCT / LIMIT / OFFSET modifiers (9d639225)
// example of DISTINCT query

Geode backend


  • Remove unnecessary empty line between hashCode() and toString() functions introduced by previous commit
  • Suppress ErrorProne error (with @SuppressWarnings(Immutable)) for lazy hashCode field (#1114)

Gson / JSON Adapters

  • Fixed issue where integers are always printed as doubles (#1120) by Ben Mazzarol (@bmazzarol)
  • Fixed issue using the jackson XML streaming parser where boolean tokens are always strings (#1120) by Ben Mazzarol (@bmazzarol)

Other changes

  • Change dependency scope of jackson-datatype-guava and jackson-datatype-jdk8 to test in ElasticSearch backend. They were used only in tests.
  • Enable errorprone static analysis in criteria module (ef5f1a267)

Thanks to all contributors:

7 months ago