cpan PDF-API2 2.021

latest releases: 2.044, 2.043, 2.042...
8 years ago
  • Fixed numerous bugs in the string parsing code, including the
    one reported in [RT #63918] by Frank Doepper.

  • [RT #41049] Rewrote literal string parsing to prevent a stack
    overflow due to an inefficient regex (reported by Sergei

  • [RT #91822] Fix compression of GIF images to ensure that output
    codes don't exceed 12 bits (reported by Vadim Repin).

  • The RunLengthDecode filter didn't actually work. Its code has
    been rewritten and now passes basic encoding and decoding tests.

  • Fix Code128 barcode switching from Code C to Code B in certain
    cases (reported by Doru Petrescu).

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