cpan PDF-API2 2.017

latest releases: 2.044, 2.043, 2.042...
11 years ago
  • The DejaVu fonts have been removed from the distribution, since
    they were only used by one example script. If you need them for
    your project, you can download them from

  • Fix: Content->bogen() didn't behave as documented if $move was
    set (it started drawing from the center of the circle rather
    than [x1, y1]).

  • The undocumented nettfont method has been removed, along with
    the supporting PDF::API2::Resource::Font::neTrueType module.

  • The undocumented save_xml method has been removed, along with
    the supporting functions in PDF::API2::Basic::*.

  • The undocumented textstate2 method has been removed from

  • [RT #58386] Fix create_egs call in (J Greely)

  • [RT #62922] Fix string interpolation in
    (Guillaume Rousse and Jerome Quelin)

  • [RT #65458] Fix an error in the synopsis (Frank Ammeter)

  • [RT #66054] Fix rename of .cmap files so that they actually work
    now. (cnhacktnt)

  • The test suite has grown to nearly 200 tests, covering about 40%
    of the codebase. There's still plenty of room for improvement.

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