cpan File-MimeInfo 0.3

latest releases: 0.35, 0.34, 2.232012...
20 years ago
  • Moved file test operator stuff to a subroutine called inodetype()
  • Actually implemented the --file-compat switch
  • Added the -L and -i commandline switches for file(1) compatibility
  • Fixed a few bugs with relative file names

Sat Aug 23 2003

  • Changed the script 'mimeinfo' back to 'mimetype' because
    rox has a '--mime-type' switch doing the same thing as this script.
  • Added the describe() method for getting human readable descriptions
  • Implemented the commandline switches --desc and --output-format

Mon Aug 04 2003

  • Changed the script 'mimetype' to 'mimeinfo'
  • added some commandline options to make this script a little
    file(1) compat
  • added some file test operators for determining types from the
    inode/* class.

Sun Jul 27 2003

  • use utf8 binmode for filehandles

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