cpan File-MimeInfo 0.11

latest releases: 0.35, 0.34, 2.232012...
19 years ago
  • Added an @DIRS to be able to overload the XDG_DATA_DIRS path
  • Fixed the code to let "mimetype" determine the mime-type of STDIN

Thu Mar 17 2005

  • Fixed a bug in the globs() method, added File::Basename to the
    dependency list.
  • Added the --all and --magic-only options to "mimetype"

Wed Mar 16 2005

  • globs() now returns the matched extension when called in list context
  • Added as a kind of FAQ document
  • Applied part of a patch to support reverse lookup of extensions
    which was also supplied by jgmyers at
    This adds the extensions() method and fixes a bug in a regex.
  • Applied a spelling patch supplied by jgmyers at

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