cpan Data-Printer 0.99_023

latest releases: 1.002001, 1.002000, 1.001001...
pre-release3 years ago

- profiles! Now you make complex settings using Perl code.
- allow .dataprinter files on the project home and subdirs.
- new option 'warnings', when set to 0 will make DDP silence
  (almost) all warnings such as theme/profile not found. Default is 1.
- filter for the 'Date' module (the evolution of Panda::Date)


- properly show roles' attributes from Role::Tiny, Moo and Moose;
- 'quote_keys' also quotes the path of circular references and found elements.
- when 'quote_keys' is set, hash keys are quoted with whatever 'scalar_quotes'
  is set to.
- escape quote characters in quoted strings and hash keys
- blessed regexps (in objects different than the native 'Regexp') are now
  properly displayed as objects of their class.


- new string_max default: 4096
- new array_max default: 100
- new hash_max default: 100
- dropped filter support for the deprecated Panda::Date dist
- dropped filter support for the Date::Pcalc dist (buggy in recent perls)
- lowercased all words in class dump for output consistency

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