cpan Data-Printer 0.99_021

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pre-release3 years ago

- 'caller_message_position' option to control whether to show labels 'before'
  or 'after' the dump (defaults to 'before');
- 'caller_message_newline' puts an automatic "\n" after the message;
- 'resolve_scalar_refs' option to show values instead of just
  the reference indicator;
- when multiline is false, string/hash/array overflow become "(...)";
- filter loading errors are not fatal anymore, unless you set the
  'die_on_filter_error' option;


- allow quoted values when parsing .dataprinter;
- np() is never colored on 'auto' colors;
- printing to a file or to a variable is never colored on 'auto' colors;
- fulldump typo fix;
- fix filter test failure when Mojo::JSON loads ::XS backends (GH#136);
- do not call 'stringify' on PDF::API2 objects as it's a destructive op;
- allow code filters in the new .dataprinter format, but only if the
  file meets certain permissions criteria;
- 'dump' mode working as expected again;


- simplified homedir logic for MSWin32, Linux and MacOS
  (Karen Etheridge);
- new 'contributing to' data;
- minor color adjustments on Material theme to improve legibility
  on lighter terminals;

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