cpan Data-Printer 0.99_008

latest releases: 1.002001, 1.002000, 1.001001...
pre-release6 years ago

- show_dualvar (defaults to true) lets you know whenever both numeric
  and string values of a variable are set to a different thing
  (Philippe "BooK" Bruhat)
- maybe_colorize() accepts a 'default color' so filters can use it.
- extra_config() provies all non-core settings passed
  to Data::Printer, so filters can use them.
- DateTime filter for Panda::Date (Sergey Aleynikov)


- fixed DateTime external filters
- fix issue with dereferencing code refs (Håkon Hægland)
- fix 'pass' on globs, regexes and code references
  (Håkon Hægland, Sergey Aleynikov)


- documentation improvements

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