cpan App-cpanminus 1.7000

latest releases: 1.7047, 1.7046, 1.7045...
10 years ago
  • Same as 1.6943. Some of the major changes between 1.61 are:
  • Add --uninstall/-U command
  • Support installing recommends/suggests/develop dependencies
  • Support features selection with --with-feature, --without-feature etc.
  • Support passing arguments to configure, build, test and install with --configure-args etc.
  • Add experimental --cpanfile option
  • Add experimental --pp option
  • Now much safer to run multiple instances of cpanm
  • Improved local::lib support
  • Improved MetaCPAN query
  • Improved version extraction for install metadata (for Carton)
  • Completely eliminated dependency on

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