cpan App-cpanminus 1.5000

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12 years ago

[New Features]
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL --mirror-index, --skip-satisfied and --cascade-search options
  • Installs MYMETA.json and install.json into $ARCH/.meta library path

[Bug Fixes]

  • Use Cwd::chdir to update CWD environment variable
  • Fix ExtUtils::ParseXS issue with -L
  • Fix CoreList bootstrap issue with perl < 5.8.9 when using -L
  • Dump more descriptive error message when configure failed with --installdeps #111


  • Upgraded many fatlib embedded modules
  • Support --no-quiet
  • Removed ugly @INC dumping hack for -L. This causes modules that has conditional
    deps such as Any::Moose not to pull down necessary requirements. This is a known
    issue and will be addressed later.
  • Support special _ for -l and -L argument to respect local::lib defaults #115

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