cpan App-cpanminus 1.30_12

latest releases: 1.7047, 1.7046, 1.7045...
pre-release13 years ago
  • Support Bundle:: modules #81
  • Fixed a bug where META.yml is being fetched for no reason. This reduces the HTTP
    GET calls a lot and should speed up the build process
  • Falls back to service when (and only when) META.yml is not
    included or unparsable. Now it can handle distributions like AnyEvent::HTTP or
    ancient packages better.
  • Fixed a bug where nmake is doubly quoted on Win32 (charsbar) #76
  • Makes the wget/curl execution safer (J. Nick Koston)
  • Support archives where tar list begins with ./ like Image::Magick (Reported by doy) #80

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