cpan App-cpanminus 0.99_01

latest releases: 1.7046, 1.7045, 1.7907...
pre-release13 years ago

  • Improved the duplicated or circular dependent package detections (gfx, Yappo)
  • Improved the progressive message format
  • Support .zip files (sekimura)
  • Added --look command, like CPAN shell's look
  • Added --recent command that shows you the recent updated modules
  • Added --interactive option, good middleground when installing Task:: modules
  • Added --self-upgrade (NOTE: it will downgrade to the stable if you run from the dev release!)
  • Fixed the installation doc to prefer git over CPAN shell
  • Documented that you need GNU tar >= 1.22
  • Wraps configure and test with alarm timeout to not choke on bad dists (hirose31, yappo, tokuhirom)

[Bug fixes]

  • Fixed a bug where log appending fails on Win32 (xaicron)
  • Various fixes on win32 (charsbar)
  • Fixed a bug failing on dists with dual Build.PL/Makefile.PL (mst, aperion)
  • Fixed a bug where build/ directory is treated as Module::Build's Build file on HFS

[Developer fixes]

  • Rewrote the internal using a sane and simple object oriented programming
  • Changed the ~/.cpanm directroy layout - much easier to dig through
  • Rewrote the documentation to be less defensive
  • set AUTOMATED_TESTING when testing a distribution
  • Mentions pip in the doc (chocolateboy, adamk)
  • Support cpan:// URI
  • Added --perl option to specify which perl path to use (mst)
  • Specify minimum versions for ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Module::Build and ExtUtils::Install

[Beta features]

  • Implemented plugin architectures - this is unstable and turned off by default

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