cpan App-cpanminus 0.999_01

latest releases: 1.7047, 1.7046, 1.7045...
pre-release14 years ago

This is the first release candidate for 1.00


  • Do not support (undocumented) CPANMINUS_* environment variable anymore. Use PERLCPANM* instead
  • Plugins are not supported anymore. They will be available as part of a new client!
  • Deleted --look command
  • Deleted --recent command


  • Get metadata from before fetching tarballs, which makes commands like
    --info or --skip-installed much faster. #3, #8, #9
  • Added --mirror option where you can specify the mirror base URL
  • Added --prompt option that asks users to skip, force install, retry or look when test fails #23
  • When one of the dependencies fail to install, cpanm bails out the installation of source dist
    by default. --prompt will ask if you want to install anyway
  • Added a man page for cpanm

[Developer Fixes]

  • Do not display 'Already tried...' message by default
  • Set non-zero exit code if one or more modules failed to build

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