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  • GL-422 Move MergePedIntoVCF into picard (#1356)
  • MergeSamFiles from cloud (#1346)
  • Change default to not throw exception for a call on a zeroed out assay Reverted InfiniumDataFile byteArray <-> Int/Float back to bitwise operations for performance reasons (using ByteBuffer was very slow) Added tests
  • Fixes several small issues that needed some help (#1316)
  • refactored IntervalListTools to use a “map-reduce” paradigm (#1319)
  • Add MIN_TARGET_COVERAGE to HsMetrics (#1345)
  • Fix travis build badge (#1357)
  • VcfToAdpc a tool to generate an adpc.bin file (Illumina genotyping intensity data) from a Genotyping Arrays VCF.
11 months ago