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  • Bugfix: Update default platform for IlluminaBasecallsToSam (#1351)
  • Recover from side effects introduced in CollectIndependentReplicatesMetric tests. (#1341)
  • Adding in some enum constants that are used in existing/old extended manifest files. (#1347)
  • Yf provide arbtrary inputs to cmm (#1337)
  • GtcToVcf a tool to convert Illumina GTC files to VCF format Responded to a lot (but not all) comments dont recompute tan Refactored some math Enable support for zeroed-out SNPs Generalize AA/AB/BB related fields in VCF Headers Reove zcall from GtcToVcf Added test for GtcToVcf.getGenotypes Use BidiMap Error out / inform user if reference is not HG19 Use IlluminaStrand for Illumina-strand specific fields. Update test to cover all chromosomes used.
  • Added whitepaper describing fingerprinting Math (#1247)
  • Fixes bug that prevented liftover of spanning deletions. (#1339)
  • Removed boilerplate “main” function from picard CLPs. (#1311)
  • Trim descriptions to shorten –list display width. (#1259)
  • Handle edge cases with no evidence in CrosscheckFingerprints consistently (#1323)
12 months ago