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  • Tidy up TileMetricsOutReader a bit. (#1200)
  • MarkDuplicates to accept Query-Grouped (not Sorted) input and a slight change in tiebreak order
  • Adding a LIBRARY field to the umi metrics file in UmiAwareMarkDuplicatesWithMateCigar (#1193)
  • Adding error in LiftoverVcf if reference dictionary does not exist (Issue #1157) (#1189)
  • new CLP: CollectSamErrorMetric (#1180)
  • Merge branch ‘epam-ls_bug_collectmultiplemetrics_no_refflat’ of into epam-ls_bug_collectmultiplemetrics_no_refflat
  • Bug when no refflat file input in CollectMultipleMetrics fixed. New test for CollectMultipleMetrics.
24 months ago