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Breaking Changes

  • Removed support for iOS 8.


  • Add support for modal view controller presentation using SwiftMessagesSegue custom segue subclass. Try it out in the “View Controllers” section of the Demo app. In addition to the class documentation, more can be found in the View Controllers readme.
  • Update nib files to be more visually consistent with iPhone X:
    • Introduce CornerRoundingView, which provides configurable corner rounding using squircles (the smoother method of rounding corners that you see on app icons). Nib files that feature rounded corners have their backgroundView assigned to a CornerRoundingView. CornerRoundingView provides a roundsLeadingCorners option to dynamically round only the leading corners of the view when presented from top or bottom (a feature used for the tab-style layouts).
    • Increased the default corner radius to 20. Corner radius can be changed by either modifying the nib file or
  • Reworked the MarginAdjustable to improve configurability of layout margins.
  • Add rubber-banding to the interactive dismissal gesture. Rubber banding is automatically applied for views where backgroundView is inset from the message view’s edges.
  • Added showDuration and hideDuration properties to the Animator protocol (with default implementation that returns nil). These values enable animations to work for view controller presentation.


  • #202 bodyLabel should set textAlignment to .natural
  • #200 Automatic Presentation Context Broken
  • Fix default value of TopBottomAnimation.closePercentThreshold
23 months ago